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Welcome to Marho's Piano
This blog is all about piano lesson for NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED categories of pianist.

You don't need prior knowledge of the instrument before you can learn with us, all you need is your piano, pen, and notebook to pen down some vital information.

In my 10 years of playing I have encountered various categories of pianist.

1. Those who know what they are playing

2. Those who think they know what they are playing

3. Those who don't know what they are playing.

I have seen pianists who can play various chords progression but when you interrupt them and request for a certain chord progression they just played, they don't know yet thy play very well.

Some of us don't know the function of a diminished chord yet we use it a lot.

 The truth is that most of us lacked proper foundation, and that is what Marho's Piano is here to fix.

I hear question like "Please who has the chord progression to Igew by midnight crew?"

If your foundation was well laid and you know your basics chords, scales, modes, you don't need any one to teach you how to play a particular song or chorus.

If you still transpose, Marho's Piano is here to fix that.

We have various categories of lession ranging from beginners to advanced piano tutorials.

You can learn at your own pace, giving you time to engage in other activities.

Feel free to contact me at any point in time at marhoese@gmail.com.


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