Thursday, 15 December 2016

Gospel Musicians and Remuneration

Written by Daramola Olanrewaju
Much has been said concerning the issue of Gospel musican getting paid or not- an age-old controversy.

Well to clarify thoughts especially on my previous post, here is my stand.
It is right for musicians to be paid. 1Tim 15:17-18

It becomes wrong when a musican does it solely for the money-the principal, God, forgotten.

When money controls the input quality (pay less, play less) (pay more, play more). God is a jealous God, anything that takes His place in one's heart is an idol. In God's works, the pay shouldn't influence one's input quality; always give your best. He demands an unconditional wholehearted service.1Samuel 12:24

Payments should be commensurate to the size of the church. "Elephant salaries" shouldn't be paid by ants-that's extortion; "Ant salaries" shouldn't be paid by elephants-that's exploitation. Col 4:1

A church musician may decide to serve as a volunteer-although he is fully aware of his right 1Corin 9:12
Outside of church service, dear gospel musician, the ball is in your court but always remember to glorify God in all you do. Col 3:17.

Note: Payment here is used in the sense of monetary/non-monetary compensation which serve the purpose of encouragement.

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