Friday, 7 October 2016

Circular Chord Progression

I greet all the elders for this house.

Today I will be teaching a technique I learnt years back that has so improved my playing. This lesson is strictly for the advance (big boys). I won’t advise a beginner to go close to this lesson but an intermediate can attempt it.

The beauty of this chord progression is in when it’s played on the 12 keys using the cycle of 4th. Like I will always say don’t just restrict yourself to a particular key.
I will be making use of C# for the purpose of this lesson.

1-4-2-5-1-3-6 chord Progression
NC -       LH – RH / Alternative

1 -           Db – F-Ab-Db / Eb-Ab-Db

4 -           Gb – Gb-Ab-Bb-Db / F-Bb-Db

2 -           Eb – Gb-Bb-Db-F-Ab (Gb Maj 9)

5 -           Ab – Gb-Bb-Db-F-Ab

1 -           Db – Ab-Db-Eb-F-Ab

3 -           F – Ab-C-Eb-G-Bb

6 -           Bb – Ab-B-D-F-Ab

The 5 Chord can be inter-switch with:

5 -           Ab – Gb-A-C-F-Ab

Your assignment is to play it on other keys then write out the chords on the various keys and send back to me.
God bless and have a lovely day.


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