Tuesday, 19 September 2017

About Maro

Maro is an award-winning Nigerian pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer of contemporary instrumental music.

Having grown up in the ancient city of Benin with his parents, at the age of 15 Maro relocated to Korea where he was under the supervision of Dr Melvin at the  Dankook University School of Music, South Korea.

Maro also possess a degree in Financial Accounting from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. He is currently the Administrative Manager of Tridex & Partners, a company that specializes in Facility Management.

Due to his flare for music, Maro created this platform in 2016 which have since change the life of hundreds of pianist around the world through training course and books.

Marho' Piano  is growing from being a blogger blog to a full featured site where you can get very useful resources like videos, quality articles and general music info.

We will be making full lessons based on three categories (Beginner. Intermediate, Advanced)
These three categories will help most musicians based on their skill level.

Maro trach on 'play by ear' basis. Play by ear means that you are taught what to play without the necessity to go through music classes or learning how to sight-read. The benefit of this is that the whole piano learning process becomes an easy one.

Please go through the site for useful information for you.


Friday, 4 August 2017

Powering Up Your Left Hand

First I 'll have to thank you for your feedback, It encourages me to know area of focus.

Today I 'll focus on how to improve your left hand. 
This post is for the BEGINNERS

Take the C major scale for example:

C major
1 2  3 4  5 6 7

So, to play a basic power chord, just play the 1 5.

For those who want to go a step further just add the "1"
1 5 1 (the octave)

The way that you would use them is to give your left hand more depth.

For example:
In the Key of C
C major chord : C E G
Your bass power chord would be: C G C

To be honest the C major chord is too basic to this is just for the advanced people
Jazzed Up C major chord: A D G

The left hand power chord would still be the same
Keep in mind that your left hand power chord doesn't always have to be the 1 5 1

Try it and let me know what you think!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Passing Chords

Many of the musicians have asked me this following question:

Are there any restrictions to the chords that we play to get to our destination?

My answer to that is NO!! because you have many different options to get to your destination. In fact there are 12 different options that you can take.

I understand the questions that are going through your mind what are those gospel passing chords that you can use and insert between two different chords.

Another question that your asking is why 12 because there are 12 different tones.

 This is a good way to be unpredictable in your playing. If you master these then you will be on your way to success.

For example, lets say you are in the Key of Db

Your starting chord is:
Ab-Eb / Ab-Bb-C-Eb  The 5 chord

And your destination is the 1 chord which is
Db-Ab / Ab-Db-Eb-F

You have 12 different options to get from the 5 to the one chord. Here are the possible options.

1) Insert the F chord: F-C / Ab-Db-Eb-Ab

2) Insert the E chord :E/Ab-Db-Gb-Bb

3) Insert the D chord: D/Gb-A-B-D

4) Insert the C chord: C/Bb-Eb-Ab

5) Insert the Gb chord:Gb/Bb-Eb-F-Bb

6) Insert the A chord: A/G-C-F

7) Insert the B chord: B/Bb-Db-Eb-Gb

8) Insert the Bb chord: Bb/Ab-Db-Gb

You could even combine some of these chords together to have a smooth progression

For example,
Start with the Ab chord then move to the F chord then the D chord then finish with the Db chord.

For those bass players work together with your keyboardist and use the root of the chord that he is playing.

For example, if the keyboardist is playing a chord that is Ab-Eb/Ab-C-Eb
Your bass note would be Ab because it's the root of the note.

I hope that this post increase your playing and helps u down the road to further success.

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